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Packing Products/Packaging Machines

Packing Products/Packaging Machines

For various types of packing and packaging of cardboard, etc.

A wide-ranging lineup, including krafts, office equipment, and fabrics.

Adhesive kraft tape for simple packaging

This kraft tape unwinds easily, and can be torn by hand. Various types are available.

OPP adhesive tape for firm packaging

Can be used for various items and situations, including light objects, heavy objects, hand applicators, and mechanical applicators.

A strong, hand-tearable cloth tape

Featuring good workability and easy hand-tearable material, this adhesive tape has been used for packaging longer than the others. Featuring a fashionable, colorful cloth tape to meet modern needs.

For sealing small boxes, packages, or food containers

Used in a wide variety of fields, such as sealing small boxes, packages, and food containers, or seal inspection, etc.

Tape for Individual or Inner Packaging

Tape for specially printed seal inspection, metric-type polyester tape, eco-friendly can tape, etc.
Featuring a lineup of products with unique properties.

Easy to open cardboard boxes, etc.

Easy opening of cardboard cartons, etc.

Dan-Cut Tape for easy cardboard opening

This tape applies to the original cardboard layer for opening easily when a box is formed.

For temporary fixing parts of electronics, office devices, etc. during transport

Fastens securely, and leaves little to no residue when peeled. Used in a wide variety of fields.

Temporary fixing and bundling tape

Fastens securely, and can be peeled easily and clean.
This tape features a good balance of adhesive strength with little to no sticky residue.

For automatic tape applications to cardboard

For automatic, clean taping. Useful for reducing power and labor.

Nitomatic Carton Sealer

Auto or semi-auto application of outer packaging tape to cardboard. Useful for reducing power and labor.

For automatic tape application to snack cans, etc.

Applies tape beautifully with easy controls.

Nitomatic Can Sealer

Auto or semi-auto controls enable secure and clean taping with can sealing tape.

An efficient device for sealing various tapes

A standard cut length is determined for better work efficiency.

Nitomatic Tabletop Series

Cuts tape at a standard length with easy control. For a more efficient tape application process, including with the L-shape applicator.

For heat-resistant and mold-release of the heat seal parts of bag-making process.

Superior heat-resistant and mold-releasing Fluoroplastic Saturated Glass Cloth Tape

UL510 certified

Fluoroplastic Saturated Glass Cloth Sheet

Consist of a non-alkali glass cloth base impregnated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and sintered. Exhibits excellent features such as chemical resistance, electrical properties, weather resistance and non-adhesiveness.

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