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Nitto Core Technologies

The Nitto Group offers a wide range of
and services with a variety of technologies developed based
the core technologies we have cultivated
since our founding.
Here, we introduce
these core technologies.

About Core Technologies

Nitto’s core technologies have supported the Nitto Group as the backbone of our business. The “irreplaceable” products we create are developed by combining core technologies in the fields of “Digital Interface”, “Power & Mobility”, and “Human Life”, where the Nitto Group’s technologies and strengths can be utilized, and in the intersecting areas of each field.

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The core technologies, which were initially 4, have evolved into 8 core technologies over the course of 20 to 30 years, and we further continue to develop peripheral technologies through our business operations.*Peripheral technology : A relatively small unit of technology that is derived from the core technology

Nitto Core Technologies
Common Technology Roll to Roll process Operando measurement* Simulation AI

*Operando measurement: Dynamic and three-dimensional evaluation and analysis under actual usage environment

Core technology

One of the future-financial values for value creation, and the source of product and service differentiation. Nitto’s business is structured based on this technology. It is the starting point for peripheral technologies.

Peripheral technology

A relatively small unit of technology that is derived from the core technology. It has the potential to develop into a core technology in the future.

Common technology

Common technology that does not directly affect competitive advantage but is necessary for the conduct of Nitto’s business.


We could say that adhesion is the origin of Nitto. With the function of “attaching” and “peeling”, we contribute to various applications in many fields such as construction and automobile where high durability is required to withstand long-term use in the outdoors, electronics where accuracy is required, and the medical field where the property of softness to the skin is required.

Optical Design

Optical design is a technology used to handle reflection, scattering, refraction of light, or transmit only a specific wavelength of light at will using special films. Optical design is used in various applications such as TV, PC, smartphone, and display for automobile which requires high durability.

Thin Layer Formation

This technology is used to form a thin layer with various functions on a film. Nitto is especially good at Roll-to-roll processing, which forms a thin layer during the process of unwinding and rewinding of a film. We have a wide variety of technologies such as precise coating of organic substances with submicron thickness, and sputtering or vapor deposition which forms a layer with inorganic substances at nano level.

Circuit Formation

Circuit formation is a technology of combining conductive materials with insulation materials to create a fine electric circuit. Nitto is especially good at forming a precise circuit on the metal substrate. We also have the technology of significantly accelerating the speed of signal transmission by means of combining an electric circuit with an optical circuit.


This technology is used to separate and take out a certain substance from a mixture. With the technology, we can produce fresh water from sea water, or take valuables out from waste liquid. In recent years, we have worked on the separation of gases, carbon dioxide for instance, so that we can contribute to the conservation of the global environment.

Porous Formation

Porous formation is a technology used to design and form void structure to achieve required functions. In addition to the function of softening vibration, sound, or physical impact, we can change electric properties and control adsorption properties.

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

This technology is used to synthesize oligonucleotide consisting of four compounds in a predetermined sequence. Properly designed oligonucleotide works as a pharmaceutical drug directly acting on genes of cancer cells or viruses. In addition to synthesizing oligonucleotide in a predetermined sequence, Nitto itself can design a sequence to create a new pharmaceutical drug.

DDS: Drug Delivery System

DDS:Drug Delivery System. DDS is a technology used to properly control a dosage, or to deliver drugs only to target organs, cells, or genes. The purpose is to increase the effectiveness of drugs, reduce side effects, etc.

We will continue to further develop our technologies and aim for business expansion in the future.

Technologies to Products

Product development through the synergy from technology combination

Nitto creates various products by combining countless peripheral technologies expanded from our core technologies.

You can see more details about what kind of products are created by the combination of technologies on the next page.

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