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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

To prevent slipping while climbing up or down

Just stick it on for additional traction

Anti-skid tape with excellent adhesion to uneven surfaces

Apply to rough, outdoor surfaces for safety

Prevents water leaks from joints binding glass to panel

Water/heat resistant foam sealing material can prevent water from leaking through cabin glass.

Foam sealing material with remarkable heat and weather resistant properties

This sealing material uses EPDM rubber for excellent heat, weather, and chemical resistant properties.

For bundling wire harnesses

For bundling/attaching wire harnesses

Vinyl tape for wire harnesses

Halogen-free and PVC-free harness bundling tape.

For case waterproofing and ventilation

Micro-film prevents water and dust from penetrating ECUs。

Internal pressure adjusting material

A porous film made of fluorine resin, offering ventilation, water-resistance, water repellent, and weather resistant properties.

Double sided tape that sticks well to vulcanized rubber used in door gaskets

For door gasket attachment

Double sided adhesive tape for adhesion to vulcanized rubber

Double coated tape that sticks well to rubber

Automotive and Transportation Equipment