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There is new value born where there are two differing things that "stick" together. Nitto develops unique adhesive processing technology for applications in a variety of fields. Contributions are being made to the "sticking" of various products.


A high level of adhesion technology is needed not only with respect to the "sticking" of products, but is also required in order to facilitate the ability to cleanly "removability" off such products. Through its predominant technological prowess, Nitto has developed one that can be removability (off or away) using the hands, as well as those that can be peeled using heat.


Many of the things that are required to "permeate" by Nitto products are invisible. Advanced technology is being used to facilitate the permeating of heat, electricity and light.


With a track record of releasing numerous products that can "resist," and with its technological prowess, Nitto continues to deliver products with superior capabilities while enduring severe conditions.

Low Friction

In a world where sliding can result in problems, there are also products for which "Low Friction" is necessary. Nitto leverages the properties of each products backing with a low friction coefficient, and has developed products that feature self-lubricating properties.


There exist minuscule things in this world that can be a nuisance. The more minuscule or microscopic these things are, the harder to remove them. Nitto products, born from advanced technological prowess, catch and stop foreign substances and viruses.


Only strong product can "Protect." This is true whether the object to be protected is an object or a person. Nitto offers a wide range of products that provide reliable protection.


Nitto deals flexibly with any situation while always maintaining the best conditions. We look to prevent negatives for our customers where ever we can. This is what Nitto products entail.


Adhesion and medical care tend not to be thought of in the same context. However Nitto, with its advanced adhesive technologies, has joined hands with the health care industry to create products based on a new concept of "care" (healing) by means of affixing products in situations where illness or injury are present.


Things that need to be blocked, such as light, sound, or heat, all have unique properties. Nitto products, made for a wide variety of fields, block things while taking advantage of their characteristics.

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