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Useful during the car body production process.

For protection and masking during the coating process.

Masking tape for frame sealing

Little residue left behind during coating.

Masking for car bodies during the coating process

For glass window protection.

Surface protection material for metal plates

For glass curing.

For bundling/attaching wire harness.

Vinyl tape for wire harnesses

Halogen-free and PVC-free harness bundling tape.

For vibration and sound damping

Just stick it on to absorb vibration.

Body and doors

Lightweight and easy to apply on curved surfaces.

For sealing of joint part of window and roof

For places requiring air sealing, sound absorbing, sound proofing and flame retardation.

Flame-retardant foam sealing material

Sealant containing a flame retarder is UL-94 HF-1 certified.

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