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Nissho Hungary Precision KFT.

Company Detail

Nissho Hungary’s main field of activity is manufacturing and sales of secondary processed products of film, foam , fabrics and adhesive tape. Main target markets are automotive, automotive electronics and general electronics. Our products are sold mainly in Europe, but as well in Asia, or the Americas.

The company realized a consolidated turnover of 8 million euro with 120 employees in fiscal year 2014-2015.

In 2015 there was a change in ownership. Today, Nitto EMEA NV holds 51% of the shares.

Company Profile

Company NameNissho Hungary Precision Ltd.
Established Date1999/May/26
CapitalHUF 305 500 000 (approximately 1Million €)
Turnover8,5 Million € in FY 2014-2015
OwnershipNitto EMEA NV (51%); Nissho Corporation Ltd. (49%)
AddressJapán Fasor 5. M5 Ipari Park, H-2367 Újhartyán, Hungary

Company History

1999Nissho Hungary Precision Ltd. was established.
The company’s main profile is to convert and sell Nitto products. Later the material lineup was widened to use various other makers’ raw materials.
2001Achieved ISO 9001 certification
(Continuously held and renewed since.)
2002Achieved ISO/TS16949 certification
(Continuously held and renewed since.)
2002Achieved ISO14001 certification
(Continuously held and renewed since.)
2008Established Nissho Hungary Precision Ltd, Czech Branch
The branch functions as a sales office for Nissho Hungary’s products.
2011Established Temperature Control Warehouse (Refrigerator)
The new warehouse enabled to store and use raw materials and final products with demanding controlled temperature storage conditions.
2013Discontinuation of Nissho Hungary Precision Ltd, Czech Branch Office (strategic restructuration of the organisation)
2013Implemented Clean Room production technology
The cleanliness is ISO 8 category.
2015Change in ownership: 51% of the shares was acquired by the Nitto Group; Nissho Corporation Ltd. still holds 49% of the shares.

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