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Kyoshin Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

Company Detail

Manufacture and sales of material processing for interior and exterior automobile related products.

Company Profile

Company Name Kyoshin Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
Established Date 2003/Sep/23
Address Guan Cheng Science & Technology Park, Shilong Rd., Guanlong Road'S Section, Dong Guang City, Guan Dong Province, 523119, China
TEL +86-769-2265-6550
FAX +86-769-2265-6225

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Company History

2002 Start manufacturing as a consignment conversion factory of Kyoshin HongKong
2003 Achieve ISO9001 certification
2003 Become subsidiary with 100% investment of Kyoshin HongKong
2004 Start management activities as a subsidiary with self-supported capital
2004 Increase capital to HK$25,500,000 and change a parent company from Kyoshin HongKong to Kyoshin
2005 Achieve ISO14001 certification
2007 Change an investor to Nitto Denko Corporation
2008 Achieve TS16949 certification

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