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Foam sealing material with closed cell structure offers flexibility and elasticity as well as weather resistance and watertightness.

No.6800 Series are high-function foam sealing materials consisting of EPDM rubber foam with a closed cell structure offering the best durability and weather resistance of all general purpose rubber. No.6800 Series include tape materials coated with butyl adhesive and synthetic resin adhesive. You can select the type that best meets your needs.
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  • Superior weather resistance and watertightness. Offers better heat resistance than foam water sealers such as urethane and polyethylene.
  • EM-142 is coated with butyl rubber adhesive and adheres well to rough surfaces.
  • No.681 is coated with synthetic resin adhesive and offers superior holding power, heat resistance and weather resistance.
  • Closed cell structure offers superior flexibility and elasticity.
  • Can be easily installed in clearances with complicated shapes.



Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [m]
3~15 1,000 2


Product No. Specific gravity Tensile strength [N/cm2] Elongation [%] Compressive hardness[N/cm2]
25% 50%
No.6800 0.11 35 240 2.5 8.0


  • The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance


  • For sealing joint part of air-conditioner body.
  • For places requiring superior watertightness.
  • For attachment part of sunroof.

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