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Tablet PC [Front Cover]

surface protection For smartphone cover lens front

Ideal for surface protection during processing or transport.

Surface protection materials

This protective film combines clean, anti-static properties with easy peelability.

For internal pressure adjustment, waterproofing, and dust-proofing casings

Prevents water and dust from penetrating the casing.

Internal pressure adjusting material

A porous film made of fluorine resin, offering water-resistance, water repellent, and weather resistant properties.

For sealing in the 100 μm microscopic space

This highly-workable foam body is flexible and ultra-thin for sealing microscopic clearance gaps.

Ultra-thin, high-recovery gasket sealing foam

This foam body is flexible, low stress, and environmentally friendly.

Fix to front surface cover lenses

This double coated tape is remarkably water and dust resistant.

Water-resistant double coated tape

This double coated tape features acrylic adhesive that sticks well to flexible foam-bodied base materials and various substrates.

For fixing front surface cover lens to ITO film

Ideal for fixing of all types of optical film.

Optical transparent adhesive sheet

Offers ultra-thin adhesive with remarkable adhesive strength, clean, high transparency, and no carrier.

Transparent electrodes for touch screens

For resistive type and capacitive type touch screen electrodes

Transparent conductive film

This electrode film features high transparency and low resistance.


This double coated tape meets required performance for fixing to FPC.

Double coated tape usable during the lead free soldering process with the release liner still attached, offering remarkable heat and repulsion resistance

This double coated tape offers remarkable adhesion against strong repulsion such as FPC folding.

Filler between touch screen and LCD layers

Ideal for fixing of all types of optical film.

Optical transparent adhesive sheet

Offers ultra-thin adhesive with remarkable adhesive strength, clean, high transparency, and no carrier.

LCD optical film

The standard for LCD optical film.

LCD optical film

As an LCD polarizing film, it offers impressive transparency, reliability, and workability.

LCD optical film

Maintains a wide viewing angle by controlling the refractive index.

Birefringent phase difference material

By controlling the refractive index in a three-dimensional direction, phase difference change is controlled via viewing angle.

LCD panel and base connection

Contributes to product miniaturization.

Flexible print board

FPCs meeting all types of needs are in the lineup.

This film improves LCD brightness.

APCF using polarization separation function

Brightness enhancement film (APCF)

Increases light efficiency, and enhances LCD screen brightness.

For shading/reflecting backlights and LCD screens

This double coated tape offers excellent special carrier shading performance.

Double coated tape with shading and reflective functions

This double coated tape is halogen free and includes a black and white special carrier.

Tablet PC [Circuit Boards/Rear Cover]

Pressure-sensitive dicing tape

A combination of dicing and die attachment functions make this a very reliable film.

Dicing and die attachment functions together as one

This adhesive film is for fixing IC chips to lead frames, interposers, etc.

For circuit and battery pack Heat-resistant insulation

Offers excellent insulation and heat-resistant capabilities.

Polyimide adhesive tape

This tape uses polyimide film for excellent heat-resistance.

A shipping management system using labels during the manufacturing process

Process shipping labels can be printed out on site.

On-site label creation systems

These polyester film based labels offer heat resistance (Up to 150°C).

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