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Micro filter lets through the clean air by shutting out water and dust.

       The microscopic filter shuts out water/dust and allows passage of clean air only.

For Vent Filter Applications 
       The micropores regulate internal pressure while preventing dust/water ingress.
For Mask Filter Applications 
       Lightweight, sterilization-resistant and reusable filters for N95 masks.
For Industrial Filter Applications 
       Comfortable, lightweight and thin filters for P100 dust masks.


TEMISH™ porous PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) has been developed with unique processing technology patented by NITTO DENKO. TEMISH has high air permeability due to millions of micropores per square centimeter. It has many excellent features such as Chemical-resistance,Heat-resistance,Water-resistance,High particle removal,Weatherabillity,Electric-Insulation,etc.


  • Selective permeability allows air to pass through while repelling water. 
  • Has various properties such as chemical resistance and heat resistance. 
  • Can be laminated or compounded with various base materials.


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