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About The Characteristics Of NITOFLON™

1. Outstanding Heat Resistance

The continuous use temperature range is -100 ° C to 260 ° C, and it has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance.
It also has flame retardancy.

2. Best Sliding Properties of All Solid Substances

Lowest friction coefficient of all solid substances which creates superior auto-lubrication properties.

3. Characteristic electrical properties

It has excellent electrical insulation and  flame-retardant, making it ideal for insulating materials.In addition, the permittivity and dielectric loss tangent are the smallest as a solid,and are stable to frequencies and the external environment.

4. Strong Chemical Resistance

Unaffected by most industrial chemicals and solvents due to its stable molecular structure.

5. No Adhesion to Fluoroplastics

Adhesive do not stick easily to fluoroplastics, so they are ideal for use in mold release applications.

6. Excellent Weather Resistance

It is virtually not affected by ultraviolet rays, humidity  and hardly deteriorates.

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