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Transdermal Drug Delivery Patches

This form of pharmeceutial product delivers drugs into the body through the skin.

With their “patch and heal” method of administering medication, these products can offer numerous benefits that orally administered or injected drugs cannot provide. They do not strain the digestive tract or liver as oral medicines can, avoid any pain associated with needle injection, and control dosage to reduce the side effects caused by temporarily excessive drug absorption, thereby alleviating anxiety and offering more comfort to patients. Moreover, they feature remarkably long-lasting effects, and administration can be visually confirmed so that definite results can be expected. Having developed transdermal drug delivery patches since the late 1970s, Nitto Denko has become a world pioneer in the industry, establishing dosage formulation technologies for safe and stable results, including adhesive synthesis technology which is ideal for controlled release. We remain committed to quality of life improvements through transdermal therapeutic systems for various drugs.
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The transdermal drug delivery patches

  • *A physician's prescription is needed to use these pharmaceutical products.

Transdermal Patch for Treatment of Ischemic Heart Disease

This transdermal patch with isosorbide dinitrate contained in the adhesive, treats ischemic heart diseases such as angina pectoris. When applied to the chest or upper abdomen, it releases the drug contained in our proprietary crystal reservoir system, thereby contributing to therapeutic improvement of cardiac function. This product also alleviates skin irritation using oil-based gel adhesive, and has earned an excellent reputation as an easy-to-use, wearable remedy from doctors and patients alike.

Transdermal Patch for Asthma Treatment

This patch is the first transdermal bronchodilator in the world which includes tulobuterol in its adhesive, used for treating bronchial and other types of asthma. The respiratory function generally has a circadian rhythm, which is known to drop late at night until early morning. This patch is able to coordinate with that biological rhythm, and was produced based on the drug chronotherapy concept of "distributing the needed amount at the needed time," providing a remarkably long-sustained bronchodilating effect.

Transdermal Patch for Local Anesthesia

This patch anesthetizes the skin. Relieves pains caused by puncture of indwelling needles, extirpation of molluscum contagiosum (water warts), and laser irradiation treatment of the skin. Pain caused by injection, by laser, or associated with periodical treatment involving injections, may psychologically damage patients, reducing the benefits of treatment. Realizing "adhesive anesthesia," this product delivers local anesthetic directly to the skin at a high concentration level.

Transdermal Patch for Treating High Blood Pressure

The world’s first transdermal β1-blocker patch with bisoprorol API having a hypotensive action contained in its adhesive matrix.
API (bisoprolol) builds up gently within the blood concentration, and a stable blood concentration is continuously maintained for 24 hours.
Nitto Denko has used its high polymer coating and processing techniques to successfully develop a stable pharmaceutical product with excellent skin permeability and low skin irritation.

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