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Low VOC double sided tape EW-514D/EW-514DB (black type) is thick but milder smell.

・This tape is good performance for rough surface because of its thickness and soft.
・Suitable for plastic materials and metal (For example, Foam and non-woven fabric).

Awarded the 46th “Environmental Award” Excellent Award in Japan.



  • Organic solvents, for example toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, are not contained.    
  • Double sided tape emits minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC).        
  • Meets the guideline values for the emission of 13 VOCs designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 
  • This tape is 0.28 mm thick and made of nonwoven fabric-based material, so it nicely adapts to and follows the surface of the substrate.
  • This tape is good performance for rough surface, low-Temp. 
  • Does not contain the 10 substances restricted by RoHS Directive.


*Tape thickness is without release liner [NITTO DENKO Low VOCs] is printed on release liner EW-514DB is black type of EW-514D. EW-514DB makes use of the black non-woven.


Firmly adheres even to difficult foam material, to the point that it is destroyed when removedAvailable in a black type that makes the tape easy to spot (EW-514DB)


  • Fixing for cosmetic case, beauty electric appliance and building materials which is required smell fresh.
  • Fixing for interior parts (Ex. Acoustic material, Wire-harness) of automotive which required low VOC.
  • Fixing of cushioning of home electric appliance / OA equipment.

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