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Nitto's Ammonia Detection Tape allows for the visual detection of ammonia gas leaks by changing color when in contact with ammonia gas. This tape allows for a proactive safety approach for ammonia gas leaks.
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  • See the leak: Tape quickly changes color, from white to blue/green, in as little as one minute when exposed to NH3 (depending on the flow rate, temperature, time and percentage of ammonia).
  • Proactive Safety: Can be placed before leak issues are known, and left in place for up to 6 months, allowing for earlier detection than other reactive solutions. 
  • Long-Lasting Color Change: Unlike other solutions, once exposed to ammonia gas, the color change will last at least 72 hours in most cases even if gas flow is stopped.
  • Intermittent leak Finder: With traditional methods, leaks at locations with intermittent flow can be difficult to detect, this product makes it easy since the color change is long lasting.
  • Outdoor leak Finder: With traditional methods, outdoor leak detection can be difficult due to wind, this product acts like a barrier to wind, making detection in windy conditions easy.
  • Easy to Use: Applies as easily as a regular pressure sensitive adhesive tape.
  • Environmentally Resistant: Can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


  • Nitto's ammonia detection tape can be easily applied to, or wrapped around, pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, access panels, etc. to immediately identify an exact ammonia leak location.
  • The long-lasting color-change properties identify the exact leak location even if the NH3 line is shut off.
  • Applications include and are not limited to refrigeration, ice rinks, transportation, power, fertilizer, and more.



BACKING MATERIAL 1-Mil polyester film
ADHESIVE Silicone with NH3 Detection Properties
LINER Polyester film split liner
COLOR-CHANGE White to blue/green (5 min, 30% aqueous ammonia)
TOTAL TAPE THICKNESS 3 mils 0.075 mm
TENSILE STRENGTH 25 lbs/in 109 N/25mm
ADHESION TO STEEL 33 oz/in 9 N/25mm

*CAUTION: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications. Customer is responsible to ensure product meets intended application requirements before approved for use.


This product is intended for use as a localized ammonia gas indicator, and should be used as part of a comprehensive gas detection system. DX-8208A will not prevent NH3 leaks. Customers should not rely solely on this product to monitor the safety of a facility where flammable or hazardous gases are present.

Surface should be clean, free of oil, moisture and dirt before applying. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes may require pressure by roller, hand or press when applying. Not doing so may affect the general properties and appearance. Please inspect your surface prior to application; this tape may not adhere well to extremely uneven or distorted surfaces.

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