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AEROSEAL®is a line of anti-corrosion tapes designed to protect aircraft substrates from a variety of corrosion causing liquids. Aeroseal products are easy to install and easy to remove, which helps deliver planes faster and make maintenance easier.

AEROSEAL in action
AEROSEAL® is easy to apply and remove. Watch a short video to see demonstrations of application and removal, as well as a flame test for SC-140. Then request more information to learn how
AEROSEAL® can work for your application.

AC Series
SC-140 Single Coated
SC-140 is a single coated tape that is designed for corrosion protection on support structures found under floorboards and cargo panels.
DC260 Double Coated
DC260 is a double coated, differentials adhesion version of SC-140. Compressible construction allows for efficient sealing where gasket materials are needed.
Die Cut Pieces
Custom SC-140 cut pieces are designed to protect against corrosion on irregularly shaped areas where roll form tapes would require manual cutting during installation.

MB Series
11611-MB is a polyurethane moisture barrier tape designed for floor of air and rotary craft. It is highly flame retardant and resistant to variety of liquids.

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