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Nitto deals flexibly with any situation while always maintaining the best conditions. We look to prevent negatives for our customers where ever we can. This is what Nitto products entail.

Particle Filtration

Dirt is not only an annoyance for people to deal with, it can also be harmful to all kinds of devices. Nitto adhesive technologies keep out dirt and dust.


Almost all instances of corrosion result in states that are beyond repair. Products that prevent corrosion have to be durable.

Vibration absorption

These products dampen vibrations within buildings and automobiles just by affixing them. With advanced technological prowess, Nitto supports comfortable living for all.

Noise Damping

In this world, there are beautiful sounds and unpleasant sounds. Nitto products prevents sounds that put people in unpleasant moods.


Drafts can be found in buildings from all kinds of places. Nitto tackles drafty areas with a variety of products.

Injury Prevention

Taping was originally used by athletes. Nitto products can easily be affixed by anyone, this type of product has been widely popularized within the general population.

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