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Occupational safety and health activity

Occupational safety and health activity

The Nitto Group shares the value of “placing safety before everything else” and we engage in our daily business undertakings with this in mind. We believe that it is possible to achieve our goal of zero accidents and injuries if all members of the Group unite together to create workplace environments where everyone can work in good health without anxiety.

we will take safety measures from the three perspectives of “safety of machinery,” “safety of people,” and “safety of the organization.”

safety of machinery We will identify and assess risks to eradicate any possible causes of disasters that might be hidden on the shop floor. Then, we carry out improvement on equipment.
safety of people We will develop people who not only observe rules, but also choose to act safely even without those rules.
safety of the organization Supervisors will visit the shop floor to determine whether “operators’ safety is assured and machinery can be operated safely,” while always remaining conscious of their responsibility to “protect their workplace, team, and subordinates.”

Emergency response

If a large-scale disaster or serious accident occurs, a system developed by the Nitto Group immediately contacts top management.
Also the Nitto Group promote recurrence preventive activities by proper management and analysis of accident data. Furthermore, such an information is released to employees in an attempt to raise their safety awareness.

Preparation for disaster

By following the two basic policies, “disaster mitigation” (disaster prevention and damage minimization) and “quick recovery”, the Nitto Group has developed a business continuity management(BCM) system and perform the activities.
An emergency plan of action stated in the (BCM) says that we form units for emergency task and execute emergency drill or the like regularly. Then we review the result of the drill for further improvement. In addition, we take a decent training like a rescue and secure necessary first-aid supplies with prioritizing employees’ safety.


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