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CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines

The Nitto Group addresses CSR-based procurement under the Basic Procurement Policy and Nitto Business Conduct Guidelines, with the aim of being trusted and chosen by all our stakeholders.
To achieve CSR-based procurement, the Nitto Group and our business partners must share values and undertake CSR activities through collaboration across the entire supply chain. We believe this will lead to prosperous coexistence with our business partners, and thus we have established expectations in business partners as CSR-based procurements guidelines.
We ask for your understanding of our aims and that you promote CSR initiatives, including development with regard to your business partners.

General Rules for Transactions

  • Implement fair and impartial transactions with business partners. Do not abuse your superior status.
  • Build and maintain sound and equal relations with business partners. Eliminate the giving and receiving of money or gifts and excessive entertaining that casts suspicion on the closeness of the relationship with a specific business partner or gives rise to doubts about fairness.
  • Ensure fair and free competition in corporate activities and be careful not to engage in acts of unfair competition.

Compliance with the Law and Ethics

  • Abide by corporate ethics, and engage in corporate activities that comply with each country’s laws and regulations.
  • Respect other parties’ intellectual property.
  • Respect basic human rights and be careful not to assist with acts that violate human rights.
  • Do not engage in forced labor or child labor in any manner whatsoever.
  • Eliminate all discrimination and harassment.
  • Properly manage working hours and pay compensation in accordance with the law.
  • Respect the rights of workers such as the right to organize and the right to bargain collectively.
  • Give consideration to workers’ health and safety in their working environments and workplaces.
  • Do not have relations with antisocial forces or organizations that pose a threat to public order or security.
  • Maintain normal relationships with government employees and government officials in all countries.
  • Do not use conflict minerals.

Protection of the Global Environment (Green Procurement)

  • Work on making improvements and developments to minimize the amount of resources and energy used and the burden that corporate activities places on the environment. Work on reducing waste through recycling and other initiatives.
  • Encourage green procurement so as to minimize the burden on the environment.
  • Proactively develop and propose environmentally friendly products.
  • Put in place a system that identifies and manages chemical substances contained in products. Promptly respond to requests from the Nitto Group to submit information on chemical substances.

Products and Information

  • In a timely and appropriate manner, disclose information on business activities, financial conditions, business performance, and products (such as quality, price, delivery dates, the environment, and safety).
  • Build a system that takes safety into consideration and enables the stable supply of high-quality products.
  • Conduct appropriate management to ensure that confidential information, including information obtained during transactions, is not leaked externally.

Contributions to Society

  • We recommend working for the development of society and addressing global environment issues through corporate activities as a member of society.

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