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New Sale to Nitto

1. Purchasing Office

Our Purchasing Department handles the purchase of all materials and equipment. When you want to sell a product to us for the first time, please send your message from "Contact Us" E-mail.

2. Points to Follow in Submitting an Introductory Offer

Please clearly explain the following;

  • Your product or technology to be sold 
  • The current development phase of the product within your company -existing product, new product or item, prototype, or promotional sample 
  • Sales volume of the product to other clients, and the purpose of product development 
  • The scale or type of production-mass-produced product, custom-designed product, or product manufactured 
  • Your company's prospectus, and any catalog or technical data relating to the product 
  • The possibility and the terms of offering samples.

3. Technical Meetings

When detailed technical explanation is required, we convene a technical meeting for our engineers.

4. Estimate Presentation

When we decide to investigate your product, we solicit a written estimate.

  • Prices in prototype production and in volume production
  • Pricing by production volume (or production lot quantity)
  • Expiration date of the written estimate

5. If we are unable to reach a deal

If we are unable to purchase a product or technology introduced to us, our Procurement Division manager will provide a reason.

Contact Us

For any inquiries about Procurement.

Business Hours(Singapore time)
08:30 to 17:30 (Except Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

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