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Impact Absorption

Fill the gap and reduce a shock

Fill gaps to shut out heat, water, sound, or vibrations. High-function sealing material of EPDM rubber foam.


Vibration damping effect just bonded

Lightweighit vibration danpngu material. 


Reinforce the steel plate

Expandable reinforcing material adheres firmly to steel panels, including curved surfaces.

Reinforcing Material NITOHARD

Special sheet to withstand shock

Ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene porous sheet with a low friction coefficient and excellent abrasion resistance.

Ultrahigh-molecular-weight Polyethylene Porous Film SUNMAP®

Shock relaxation of parts for smartphones

Flexible thin foam that is easy to work with can be used for clearances as small as 100μm.

Super Clean Foam SCF®

Protection tape with the cushion function

Provides effective protection against scratching etc. during work and transport.

Cusion Curning Tape

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