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Air Permeable

Regulate the differential pressure and prevent damage to the housing

The micropores regulate internal pressure while preventing dust/water ingress.


Suitable for absorption/fixing of glass materials such as LCD

Porous film offers air permeability without changing the characteristics of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene.

Ultrahigh-molecular-weight Polyethylene Porous Film SUNMAP

Moisture absorption

Protect your house against one of its greatest enemies: moisture.



Lets fresh air through, keeps pollen, dust, and particles out.

Air Supply Opening Filter

For disposable adhesive heating pads

With this film, air and vapor gets through, but water does not.

Breathable Sheet BREATHRON®

For removing gas when filling

Adhesive tape that lets air and vapor pass through.

Breathable Adhesive Tape NITOTHROUGH®

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