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Southeast Asia

Nitto Denko (Shanghai Songjiang) Co., Ltd.

Company Detail

Manufacturing products
Membrane (Spiral) : transferred from Shiga plant Japan from Apr/2002 for the China market.
NEO COVER: Transferred from Kanto plant Japan from Sep/2001 for Japan and Europe market
PVC tape : Existing business for Australia, Pakistan, Japan and China market
NITFLON : Transferred from Kanto plant Japan from Jul/2002 for Japan and China market

Converting products
PVC converting product : Cutting conversion of Log roll materials of Nitto Denko Taiwan for China market
Converting products such as Electronics Components Products, protecting tapes, packaging, construction materials and engineering plastic : same as above
Conversion of the purchased log roll of Li/T and REVALPHA/thermal peelable sheet

Trading products
Import and sales of membrane products

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Denko (Shanghai Songjiang) Co., Ltd.
Established Date 1995/Dec/18
Address 716 Lianyang Rd., Songjiang Industrial Zone, Songjiang Shanghai, 201613, China
TEL +86-21-5774-2184
FAX +86-21-5774-2185

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Company History

1995 Establish the company at Songjiang Shanghai China
1997 Start sales of products such as PVC tape, polarizing film and NITTO EPTSEALER etc
1998 Start production of OPP tape and sales of double-coated tape
2001 Polarizing film is transferred to (NSP) and stop OPP business, make PVC business small. NEO COVER is introduced from Kanto plant in Japan.
2002 Start production and sales of Membrane, Fluoroplastic Tape NITOFLON. Sales office is transferred to (NSP).
2003 Establish sales office of membrane at Beijing and Shanghai.
2004 Extend sales of membrane in the china market
2005 Start conversion operation of REVALPHA and Tapes for Battery

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