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Clean and Easy Removal

For temporary fixing of electric appliance part or office equipments

Tape for temporary fixing that hardly contaminates adherend.

Holding Tape No.3800A / No.3800B

Can Sealing Tape (Non-PVC)

Environment-conscious type with base material that does not use PVC. Superior in both transparency and moisture-proof.


PE Packaging Tape Dunplon

Polyethylene base material packaging tape suitable for packaging PE air buffer material.


Tape which can exfoliate using water

Sticks firmly to surface when applied. Peels off easily with water, and no sticky residue is left behind.


Non-solvent double sided tape

Adheres to clothing, and does not damage fabric when peeled.


Heat-resistant Peelable Adhesive Tapes

Outstanding heat resistance can be used in various applications.


Surface Protective Materials

Surface protective materials with excellent process-ability.


Surface Protective Materials

Masking/surface protection material developed for leading-edge electronics and optical fields.

E-MASK Series

Low-VOC, Solvent-free, Double Sided Tape with Excellent Peelability

Adheres to clothing, and does not damage fabric when peeled.


Re-peelable Strong Adhesive Double Sided Tape

Flexible and strong nonwoven fabric carrier makes a clear removal without tearing, and helps to recycle components.


Low adhesion release and UV release

Outstanding characteristics support the dicing process of wafer manufacturing.

ELEP HOLDER® Back Grinding Tape Line-up

For light packaging, peelable repeatedly

This multi-functional tape combines the properties of different adhesives, such as strong and weak adhesives, into a single product.

Multi-adhesive Tape with Different Adhesive Properties NF Tape

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