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Basic Policy on Human Resource Management

The Nitto Group considers human resources as our most valuable assets. As such, we are committed to creating new value by globally developing the "Nitto Person" who can carry out the Nitto Way.
  • We employ and develop human resources who understand diversity and respect people of all nationalities, genders, ages, careers, and disabilities, and who act with integrity.
  • We respect our employees as individuals and provide growth opportunities for their autonomous career development.
  • We build a rewarding, safe, secure, and healthy work environment by promoting diverse work styles and an open organizational culture.
  • We fairly evaluate the results of our employees who take upon challenges without fear of failure to motivate them to do their best.
  • We seek to discover outstanding human resources from across the globe and train them to become leaders who can anticipate and deliver changes.

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Nitto is present in 14 countries in the EMEA region. Find your local contact details here.

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