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Basic Policy on Human Rights

Nitto Group Basic Policy on Human Rights

Nitto Group Basic Policy on Human Rights

Nitto Group Policy on the Handling of Conflict Minerals*1

Minerals produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and neighboring African countries are in widespread use by industries around the world. Armed insurgents who receive funds and profit from this mining, directly or indirectly, are said to be heavily involved in internal strife accompanied by serious human rights violations in this region.
Under these circumstances, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reached a decision in August 2012 to make it mandatory for all concerned firms listed on the stock market in the United States to disclose information on their procurement of specified minerals (the "conflict minerals" in Note 1), beginning in 2014. Studies to this end are already widening throughout corporate supply chains, and specification of smelters in the distribution process is considered particularly important.

  • In response to this trend, the Nitto Group has adopted the policy of not using any conflict minerals*1 that are sources of funds for armed insurgents in the DRC and neighboring countries. 
  • The Nitto Group shall strive to make on-going specifications of smelters in order to avoid use of conflict minerals. 
  • The Nitto Group shall respond with integrity to inquiries related to conflict minerals from customers, and provide all information it has on the subject.

(*1) The term "conflict minerals" refers to those quantities of tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn), and gold (Au) which are produced in the DRC and neighboring countries and are thought to be sources of funding for armed insurgents perpetrating serious human rights violations.

The process of confirmation to this end shall be implemented in conformance with the rules of the SEC and in accordance with requests from the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) or other customer industry groups.

Protection of Human Rights in the Supply Chain

The CSR Procurement Survey and CSR Procurement Supplier’s Evaluation Checklist for the suppliers of the Nitto Group contain questions concerning the protection of human rights.
By using the results of these as a reference, we ensure that there are no human rights violations with child labor or forced labor within, or even outside of, the Group.


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