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Compliance Promotion System

At Nitto, we are ensuring compliance by establishing the CSR Committee and Legal and Ethical Compliance Committee, which are chaired by the CSR Committee Chairperson, to monitor legal and ethical issues within the entire Group. Should an important event concerning compliance arise, it shall be reported to the management at the Corporate Strategy Committee and other meetings to be acted upon accordingly.
Every effort is being made to ensure early detection of legal violations and ethical issues by implementing a whistle-blowing system (for details, please see the Nitto Group Business Conduct Guidelines) available to all employees of the Group, as well as the Partner Hotline, which our business partners may use to seek consultation on cases of noncompliance or suspected noncompliance involving transactions with the Nitto Group.

Reporting Systems For whom Reported to / Handled by
a. For the entire Group Group employees Compliance departments
b. For each country/region Group employees in respective countries/regions Third-party organizations
c. Partner Hotline Business partners Compliance departments
a. and b. Whistle-blowing system

Deepening Our Understanding of Compliance

We distribute the Business Conduct Guidelines, which are available in 16 different languages, to all of our employees who have various cultural backgrounds, customs, and nationalities, and oblige them to receive training on the Guidelines as a part of our new employee orientation.
For management-level employees, compliance is one of the topics covered as part of their CSR workshops, and they are encouraged not to stop at merely practicing compliance, but also to play an active role in monitoring and preventing injustice.
Also, we ask our business partners to thoroughly observe compliance in the CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines and verify the status of their compliance by using the CSR Procurement Survey and CSR Procurement Supplier’s Evaluation Checklist.
In fiscal 2019, the Nitto Group was not subject to legal action due to anti-competitive/trust behaviors or monopolistic practices, nor did we have any serious legal violations that involved environmental laws/regulations or socioeconomic ramifications.


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