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Coating Technology

High-Precision Coating Technology

The high-precision coating technique is a method of coating each type of polymer film in a precisely resulting in uniform thickness and high quality appearance.

Polymerization Technology

The polymerization technique is a method used to significantly alter adhesive properties by synthesizing high molecular mass polymers from low molecular mass monomers.

Drying Technology

The drying technique is used to efficiently dry each type of polymer film, as well as the liquid coating used as a base material.

Dispersion and Mixing Technology

Dispersion/blending techniques are essential for stabilizing the properties of functional film by uniformly spreading liquid and then mixing it with powder.

Web Handling Technology

The base material transport technique is used to transport flexible materials such as films in a stable manner in order to prevent defects during processing.

Lamination Technology

The bonding technique is used to laminate each type of polymer functional film using adhesives or bonding agents.

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