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Adhesion Technology

Adhesive Design Technology

By combining various raw materials, we create adhesives with a variety of functions depending on customers’ requirements, which are then further developed into adhesive tape.

Adhesion Property Evaluation Technology

At Nitto, we evaluate the properties of adhesive tape with various methods.

Layering Technology

Adhesive tape resembles a single sheet of film, but is actually composed of several layers of thin material.

Release Technology

For packing tape and double-sided tape, the tape's reverse side and front surface of release liner are coated with a release agent so that the tape can be easily dispensed.

Substrate Design Technology

The film-like substance coated on the adhesive part of adhesive tape is called "base material" or "backing."

Adhesive Synthesis Technology

Adhesive can include natural materials, as well as combination of synthesized polymers. Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is a representative example of synthetic adhesives.

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