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HEPA Filters for Air Purifiers and Clean Room Equipments

TEMISH™ meets both high collection efficiency and low pressure requirements. 

TEMISH is a PTFE filter material that retains its performance even after UV irradiation. The porous membrane is composed of fine fibers and can physically collect dust and harmful substances. The porous PTFE membrane is sandwiched by a non-woven fabric to provide handling properties to the ultra-thin PTFE membrane.


High collection efficiency. Low pressure.
High performance.
UV sterilization.
  • TEMISH is available in three grades: ULPA, HEPA, and Semi-HEPA
  • Collection efficiency ranges from 99.5%~99.99995%, and its collection characteristics are stable, providing an excellent balance between air permeability and collection efficiency. 
  • Oil-resistant and retains a large amount of dust, preventing deterioration of filter performance. 
  • The filter media is thin and flexible, allowing for a wide range of design flexibility in terms of filter design process and frame selection. 
  • The strong C-F bond of PTFE retains its performance even in UVC irradicated environment. 
  • Can be used in household and commericial air purifiers and clean room equipments. 


Comparison of TEMISH and other materials

TEMISH has superior collection efficiency and pressure drop compared to ordinary glass filters.

Comparison of pressure drop between TEMISH and glass filter

Low pressure loss increases airflow and quietness, which saves energy. Smaller fan and filter sizes are also possible.

Structure/Product Number


Product Number

Product No. Thickness[mm] Pressure Drop[Pa] Collection Efficiency[%] Measured Particle Size[μm]
NTF9310-H13 0.32 100 Over 99.5% 0.1~0.2
NTF9314-H14 0.32 140 Over 99.95% 0.1~0.2
NTF9516-A03 0.41 160 Over 99.95% 0.1~0.2
※Pressure loss and collection efficiency were measured at 5.3 cm/sec
※The data represents value and does not guaranteed performance

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