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Superior Quality
PTFE Filter

  • 5XWaterproofing
  • 5XThe Strength
  • 2XAir-Permeability
*Compared to
traditional glass media

Increased Air Volume

TEMISHTM has 50% higher air permeability to filter more air per minute!
*compared to traditional
glass media.

  • Increased air flow
  • Miniaturization of filter size
  • Less motor strain, reducing noise

Low pressure loss= improved performance

Smaller Footprint

TEMISHTM filters are smaller in size and have higher airflows which allows for less media to be used. This means smaller filters that take up less space in a device.

Extended Life-Span

PTFE does not break down when exposed to UV light, where other syntetic non-woven fiber deteriorates. This allows for a more efficient filter.

Extended Life-Span

Airflow, without the pressure.

TEMISHTM is formed by stretching the PTFE to create hundreds of millions of micro pores per sq. cm. The resulting nano-fiber allows air through without letting particles such as water and dust pass.

TEMISHTM target particle size.

*All drawings are for
illustration purposes only.

TEMISHTM Applications

Due to its patented design, TEMISH has a wide range of applications, Here are some examples of where Temish is used:

TEMISHTM is a great choice for air purification. It can be used in respirators, medical face masks, commercial air purifiers, clean room/HVAC systems and semiconductor equipment.

TEMISHTM is ideal in enclosed housing applications such as headlamps, engine control units, and battery boxes. For headlamps, TEMISH is available as a ready-to-use filter called CAPSEALTM.

Industrial Applications such as gas turbines, incineration systems, and outdoor cabinets in base stations can all benefit from TEMISHTM.

Enclosed housing is a common application for TEMISHTM. Examples include consumer electronics (such as smart phones, shavers, cameras, vacuum cleaners, etc.) toner cartridges, drones, and LED lights.

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