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About ELEP Masking for Printed-circuit Board


ELEP Masking Series is a masking tape with strong chemical resistance and tight adhesion properties, which is suitable for plating of printed circuit boards or soldering processes. There are 2 types in the line-up. N-300 is for prevention of plating solution ingress, N-380R is often used for prevention of contamination from spray and hot vapors of plating solution. Both products adhere tightly to the printed circuit board under harsh conditions, such as drying and plating, and can be peeled off with almost no adhesive residue.


  • Avoid direct sunlight and store at ambient temperature/humidity.
  • Application of excessive pressure during lamination will cause the end of the tape to peel.
  • Degrease the surface thoroughly before laminating film to adherends treated with machining oil. Any remaining oil will cause surface contamination or leave adhesive residue.
  • Please test and evaluate the product thoroughly prior to use under severe conditions.
  • After the tape has been removed from the adherend, traces of the adhesive may remain, interfering with painting, plating, etching, or gluing of the surface. Please inspect conditions thoroughly before application.
  • Tape may peel off the paint from painted boards, depending on conditions, such as paint baking. Please evaluate thoroughly prior to use.
  • Surface treated boards, such as alumite, may exhibit different SPV (peeling) properties, depending on treatment conditions. Please evaluate thoroughly prior to use.
  • Please contact the respective sales division for applications using natural adherends (such as marble, stone or lumber).
  • Please evaluate the surface cleaning, priming, and paint baking conditions thoroughly when painting on surfaces after SPV is peeled off, and confirm the paint adhesion prior to use.

  • The above datasheet contains samples of observed values under certain testing conditions, not guaranteed performances.
  • The quality, performance, and functions of the product will differ according to conditions of use. Please contact our respective sales division for full product details.
  • The actual performance of the product may differ from the sample observation values under severe conditions. Please test and evaluate the product thoroughly for your safety and optimum results.
  • The product and its features are subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice.
  • The intellectual property rights of this document belong to Nitto Denko Corporation. Please contact our sales divisions regarding the use of this document for purposes not intended by Nitto Denko. Copying and/or reproducing documents without notice are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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