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About the Fundamentals of Membranes (Polymer Separation Membrane)

1. Types of Separation Membranes

Types of separation membranes
Separation membrane: plastic filter
(Micro Filtration)
Filters particles and microbes which are 0.01~several μm in diameter.
(E. Coli etc.)
Filtration of clouding elements.
(Ultra Filtration)
Filters dissolved substances and particles from several hundred to several million in molecular weight.
Removal of lees in
soy sauce and fruit juice.
Removal of protein.
Reverse Osmosis(RO)
(Reverse Osmosis)
Separates solvents (or water) and dissolved substances by applying pressure higher than the osmotic pressure difference to the concentrated solution and transferring the solute to the thinner solution in a manner opposite to standard osmosis.-
Desalination of sea water.
Concentration of
milk and fruit juice.
Purification of water discharge.

Features of Each Module

Capillary Module
Spiral Module

2. Application Ranges of Separation Membranes

3. Membrane Permeation Method

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