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Double Sided Tape with Repositionable Function PT-0190FX

PT-0190FX is a double-sided tape with a special resin on the adhesive. It is a repositionable tape that adheres firmly to the substrate once it is pressed firmly.

PT-0190FX offers both positionable and adhesive functions thanks to a special resin on the adhesive. This tape consists of a strong Japanese paper carrier and a high cohesive strength adhesive. Due to this combination, this tape is less likely to be torn when removed and leaves little to no adhesive residue.



  • Convex lines on the adhesive allows the tape to adjust the position and reapply when adhering to substrates.

  • Less likely to leave adhesive residue and has good removability.
  • Japanese paper carrier gives strength to the tape, so the tape is not easy to be torn when removing.
  • Six restricted substances by RoHS are not contained.


A foam release liner is used as a cushion to protect the design of convex lines and helps to maintain a stable position.


  • Bonding wallpapers, cushion floors, etc.
  • Suitable for application that need a re-peeling


180° peeling force to each substrate


Pressure-bonding force dependencies



Usage Precautions

  • Remove all oil, moisture and dirt from the surface of the substrate before applying.
  • Depending upon the type of substrates, positionable function may not perform.
  • Since the tape is pressure-sensitive adhesive, be sure to apply enough pressure with a roller or press when applying. Otherwise it might be affected to its properties and appearance.
  • The tape may not adhere well to extremely uneven or distorted surfaces. Enough Leveling off the surface should be required before applying.
  • It takes certain time to get full adhesive strength after applying, keep away the tape from any stress for a several hours after applying.

Storage Precautions

  • Make sure to store this product in a box.
  • Avoid storing in high-temperature or high-moisture areas. This product should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight.
  • Please use this tape within 6 months of storage.

Safety Precautions

  • Take a careful consideration if this product is adapted to the use, purpose and condition before using. 
  • The tape may peel in some cases depending on substrate and attachment conditions.
  • When using this product in areas that may pose a risk of accident, use together with a different joining method.

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