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Surface Protection Tape for mobile lens protection LENSGUARD 7568

Nitto LENSGUARD 7568 is a clean room manufactured single coated adhesive tape used for the protection of high gloss LCD display hard lenses for electronic and communication devices during assembly, inspection, storage and transport.

The tape consist of a special PET carrier coated with a pressure sensitive pure acrylic adhesive, laminated with a white PET release liner.
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  • Clean room manufactured
  • Hard lens protection tape
  • Excellent adhesion stability
  • Converting & user friendly
  • Recyclable


  1. Clear PET carrier
  2. Pure acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  3. Separator : white PET release liner


Typical Value Test Method
Carrier type* Clear PET (0.036 mm)
Release liner type White PET (0,052 mm)
Release value 12 cN/50mm Nitto Test Method
Adhesive type Acrylic
Tape thickness 0,066 mm (without liner) EN 1942
Adhesion on BA steel 45 cN/20 mm EN 1939
Weatherability** 300 hours ISO 4892-2
Transport and storage conditions Temperature 15 to 30°C
Relative humidity 40 to 75% RH

* Only clear LENSGUARD version allows visual inspection of the lens & display through the tape.
** The weatherability is measured on BA steel. Depending on the substrate the weatherability performance can be different.
CAUTION: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.
Details from the test methods are described on the customer product specification.


Nitto LENSGUARD 7568 is ideal to protect hard lenses for LCD displays and camera in a wide variety of treated and untreated plastics such as PMMA, PC, … Furthermore LENSGUARD 7568 can be used for the protection of high gloss plastics where a minimal stretch due to carrier stiffness contributes to an easy and clean manual lamination.
Markets: mobile phones, automotive, digital cameras, electronic devices …

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