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Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan 'Jitsugen-2020'

In October 2018, Nitto will welcome its 100th anniversary. In welcoming this great milestone, and to realize further growth in our next 100 years, we have devised a new Mid-term Management Plan, 'Jitsugen-2020.'
In 'Jitsugen-2020,' we look ahead to the oncoming great changes in the society and the industry, and in response, will invest our resources on three focus domains and create new businesses.

【3 Focus Domains】

Information Interface

We will offer new, unprecedented values by supplying core parts for information input and output on smart devices, as well as for the information processing in between.

Next-Generation Mobility

We will aim to become an indispensable contributor to the society by offering electronics-related parts and functional materials necessary for the realization of next-generation mobility.

Life Sciences

We will reinforce our activities in the life sciences field, making it into our new business pillar. Our efforts will include creating new businesses in biomedicals and its platform, self medication, etc.

Mid-term management Plan 'Jitsugen-2020'
Note: To respond to fast-changing external environments, Nitto updates its three-year Mid-Term Management Plans each year (rolling plans).
Mid-term management Plan 'Jitsugen-2020'

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