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Chemical Substance Management Policy

『Offering safety and confidence to our customers and employees.』

The Nitto Group strives to fully understand the risks associated with chemical
substances and prevent related disasters and accidents from occurring. At the same
time, we aim to maintain a healthy work environment and preserve ecosystems and the environment.

We anticipate market and social changes in advance and comply with the letter and
spirit of the law in all countries where we operate.
Our principles regarding chemical substance management are:

◆ Offering Customers Peace of Mind
 ・ In order to deliver our customers products that are safe and friendly to society
   and the environment, we’ve consolidated the management of chemical
   substances covering all relevant process from purchasing to production and
 ・ Upon request, we quickly provide customers with information about the
   chemical substances contained in our products.

◆ Offering All Employees Peace of Mind
 ・ We’ve built and maintain a safe and healthy work environment by identifying
   all hazards of chemical substances and carrying out continuous chemical risk
 ・ We prevent employees from being injured or suffering illnesses while handling
   chemical substances by educating them about proper handling techniques.

◆ Integrity Efforts for an Awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility
 ・ We understand the health and environmental impact of the chemical substances
   that we use and manage them accordingly.
 ・ We use chemical substances as efficiently as possible to minimize the amount
 ・ We provide support for the development of alternative technologies that could
   replace the use of environmentally hazardous substances.

*This policy is also available in Japanese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions,
the Japanese version will prevail.

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