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Temporary Holding and Bundling Tape Filament Tapes No.3883/No.3885

Strikingly strong packaging tape reinforced by polyester fiber or glass fiber.

Tape with superior tensile strength consisting of polyester film base vertically reinforced with glass fiber or other material. No.3883 is reinforced by polyester fiber, and No.3885 is reinforced by glass fiber.
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Product No. No.3883 No.3885
Thickness[mm] 0.18
Adhesive strength[N/25mm][gf/25mm: pro forma amount] 10.98 9.81
Holding power[mm/30min] 0.5
Unwinding force[N/25mm][gf/25mm: pro forma amount] 7.0 7.7
Tensile strength[N/25mm] [gf/25mm: pro forma amount] 833 1814
Elongation [%] 35 8
Base material Polyester+Polyester fiber Polyester+Glass fiber


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Product No. No.3883 No.3885
Printing -
Coloring -
Color White


  • *Printing is not available.


Size Quantity [rolls]
Length [m] Width [mm] No.3883 No.3885
50 12 120
19 60
25 60
38 30
50 30


  • *The above figures are numbers in a package, not the standard stock quantity.
  • *For other sizes and stocks, please contact us.


  • For bundling and packaging heavy load.
  • *The fiber layer may remain on the adherend when peeling or rewinding the tape. Please fold over the end of the tape to prevent the fiber layer from peeling off.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours(India time)08:30-17:00(Except for Second Sat of each month, Sun, and Holidays)

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