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Heat Resistant

Heat resistant double sided tape

Double Sided Tape for Fixing FPC with Heat-resistant Release Liner to Stiffeners, with Excellent Heat Resistance. 


Fluoroplastic Adhesive Tape

Class H electrical insulating adhesive tape using fluoroplastic film.

NITOFLON No. 903UL/No.9030UL

Heat resistant heat transfer labels

Labels, heat resistance(300℃) used for soldering process of printed circuit boards.

Labels Primarily For Printed Circuit Board Implementation PI25A01/PI50A01

Flame retardant tape with superior heat resistance and shape conformity.

Special Glass Cloth Based Adhesive Tape with Excellent Substrate Adherent Tracking. 


Superior heat resistance

Superior heat resistance with stable electrical insulation even under high temperature.

Nomex® Based Adhesive Tape No.380/No.386UL

Self-fusing tape offers superior heat and weather resistance

Offers superior heat and freeze resistance. 

Self-fusing Silicone Tape No.66

Heat-resistant Peelable Adhesive Tapes

Outstanding heat resistance can be used in various applications.


Heat resistant aluminum adhesive tape

With powerful heat resistance ranging between -60℃ and 316℃, this product is ideal for repairs in high-temperature areas, such as space heater and around kitchen range.

Heat-Resistant Aluminum Tape

Heat-Resistant Glass Cloth Tape

Aluminum glass cloth tape with a strong base material that adheres easily to uneven and curved surfaces, featuring heat resistance in addition.

Heat-Resistant Glass Cloth Tape

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