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Surface Protection Tape uniquely designed for Aircraft Body Protection SPV AAP-1MJ

SPV AAP-1MJ consists of a blue transparent PVC film coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive. For easy unwind, the backing of the PVC film is coated with a special silicone release.

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  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Easy removability, no adhesive residue
  • High adhesion level
  • Good weatherability
  • Easy unwind
  • Recyclable
  • REACH compliant


  1. Pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive
  2. Unique blue transparent PVC film
  3. Silicone release coating


Film type Unique PVC film
Adhesive type Acrylic-based
Total thickness 75 µm
Adhesive strength 100 cN/20mm SUS430BA, 0.3m/min., 180° peeling angle, 20-40 min. dwelling time
Unwinding Force 20 cN/20mm 0.3m/min
Weatherability on BA steel* Residue not allowed
Tensile strength 65 N/20mm 0.3m/min., at breaking point
Elongation 240% 0.3m/min., at breaking point
Certification AIRBUS / CML code 774750
Colour Blue transparent

CAUTION: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications. Details from the test methods are described on the customer product specification. The properties are measured according to the Japanese International Standards (JIS).

* The weatherability is measured on SUS430BA, tensile speed 0.3m/min., peeling angle 180°, residue not allowed after 750h in sunshine weather-o-meter chamber under 108 min. light and 18 min. spray condition. For weatherability, the material is able to withstand MAXIMUM 9 months real outside exposure in climate zone 80 (according to Kilo-Langley global climate zone conditions) with 750 hours in a sunshine weather-o-meter.


SPV AAP-1MJ is suitable to temporary protect several surfaces of a grounded aircraft.

This tape is ideal to seal and protect airframe openings, air inlets, door and windshield outlines, wingtips, vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

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Nitto is present in 14 countries in the EMEA region. Find your local contact details here.

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