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Label error occurs. How should I take care of this?

Please check the following items in their order when a label error occurs.

  1. Measure the label length (threshold adjustment).
  2. Check the label size.
  3. Check the printer’s sensors.

Measure the label length (threshold adjustment).

Length measurement (threshold adjustment) is to measure the amount of light transmitted through the label using the sensor and to store this information on the printer.

When the label is used for the first time, and each time the label is changed, the label must be measured.

Measuring the label length (threshold adjustment)

(This is an example of interruptive-type sensor 1. Please adjust the measurement method according to the sensor type.)

Set the printer’s main panel to Label Set Mode (Editing) and display [Interruptive-type sensor 1].

Press the [SET] button.

Turn the dial to [Automatic] and press the [SET] button.

Check the label size.

If the label pitch (P) satisfies the following equation, label error or skipping may occur.

If the label used matches these figures, change the sensor to be used.

  • Interruptive-type sensor 1: P=(36±1)/N (N=1~8)
  • Interruptive-type sensor 2: P=(41±1)/N (N=1~8)
  • Reflective sensor 1: P=(35±1)/N (N=1~8)
  • Reflective sensor 2: P=(41±1)/N (N=1~8)

Clean the printer’s sensors.

Check the sensor position and sensor cover’s condition. If the sensor cover is dirty, clean the cover with cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

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