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Head damage error occurs. How should I take care of this?

Replace the thermal head with a new one. This will solve the problem if the head damage error is due to a broken wiring.

  • To change the thermal head, please refer to the printer’s operation manual.
  • Use caution not to damage or contaminate the new thermal head during replacement.
  • Do not touch the heating element of the thermal head during replacement.
  • Chlorine in the finger’s sweat may damage the protective layer of the thermal head. If you touched the heating element, clean it immediately.
  • After the thermal head has been replaced, gently wipe the heating element with a cleaning agent such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

To ignore a head error

If there is no spare thermal head but printing must be continued even if the print quality is low, the head error can be ignored by holding down the [LINE] switch for 2 seconds.

(This will result in a white stripe in printing where the wiring is broken.) Until the printer is rebooted, the error of this particular dot will be ignored, and printing can be continued.

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