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How can I create a specialized application software and produce label formats using the Label Studio.NET?

Label Studio.NET is compatible with Windows’ OLE communication (OLE automation). Labels can be issued easily through OLE communication from VB Script (Internet Explorer) and programs supporting VB (Visual Basic) or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Basic flow of the program.

  1. Create an object (Create Object Function).
  2. Select the format file created with Label Studio.NET (File Name Method).
  3. If there is a component with a variable, define the variable and the matching print data. (Print Data Method).
  4. Specify print quantity in Start Method and begin issuing labels.
  5. Release the object (Set the object variable to Nothing).

Please refer to the Label Studio.NET Help for details. A sample program is in the Samples folder under the installation folder for Label Studio.NET.

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