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Contributing to Local Communities 2010

Donating to People Affected by Typhoons

Every year in central Vietnam, a great deal of damage is caused by typhoons and a large number of people lose their lives. Nitto Denko Vietnam Co. Ltd. continued to organize a fund-raising effort under a labor union's initiative as they did last year, sending a donation of VND 31,000,000 (approximately JPY 150,000), including a matching company donation, to The Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in November 2010.

Annual Donation to the Disabled in Singapore

The first installment of Nitto Denko Singapore's annual donation to the Disabled People's Association (DPA) was made on September 22. The DPA is Singapore's non-profit voluntary welfare organization whose members have various disabilities. The NPO aims to help the disabled achieve full workplace participation and equal status in society through independent living.

SGD 2,000, which Nitto Denko Singapore donated, will be utilized in various initiatives of the DPA geared toward promoting independent living and social integration of the disabled. We will make efforts to maintain this donation as an annual commitment.

Relief Effort to Help Flood Victims in Thailand

Nitto Matex (Thailand) raised relief funds and donations within the company in their effort to help victims suffering from the recent flood in Nakorn Ratchasima Province, which is said to be a once-in-fifty-years disaster. On 23 October 2010, guided by the Pakthongchai Provincial Police Division, twenty-four employees entered the flood-affected area to distribute much-needed supplies to flood victims, such as money for medicine and daily necessities, all generously donated by their fellow colleagues.

Nitto Denko (Hong Kong) Participates in Charity Walk

On 27 February 2011, 15 employees of Nitto Denko Hong Kong and their family members lent their support by forming a walk team to join the “2010/2011 New Territories Walk for Millions” organized by the Community Chest of Hong Kong.

Together with nearly 14,000 other participants, our employee walk team completed a 5.5km charity walk, with a fund raising initiative as a prelude in which they solicited sponsorship from relatives, friends and colleagues. The Company topped up the funds raised by the employee team, matching their charitable commitment dollar-for-dollar, for a total contribution of HKD 12,000 to the Chest. By joining this event, employees gathered together to demonstrate a spirit of teamwork and their support for the promotion of a caring society.

The contribution donated to this event will be used to support “Children and Youth Services”.

Overseas Group Companies Support Disaster Victims in Japan

Kyosin Europe (UK)

On Friday 18 March 2011 the UK hosted a charity day called Red Nose Day. This is an event in which many people in the UK raise money to help support people locally and across Africa. This year Kyoshin Europe Ltd. participated in this event. One person from Production decided to dress up in a pink dress for the entire day. In addition, our Production Supervisor decided on a sponsored silence for the whole day. There was also a small cake sale that our Shipping and Receiving Group Leader organised. People also had to donate money for wearing something red.

Due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, the company thought it a good idea to donate all money raised to the relief efforts. The money contributed by employees and the company was donated to the Red Cross.

Social contribution UK1
Social contribution UK2

Nitto Europe NV (Belgium)

Nitto Europe decided to allocate the annual purchase expenses earmarked for Easter gifts for their employees to relief programs for disaster victims in Japan. In addition, employees were given the opportunity to make a personal donation by deducting a voluntary amount from their monthly salary. These individual donations were matched by an equivalent company donation and the total amount of donations was then transferred to the Red Cross Society.

Hydranautics (USA)

At an employee's suggestion, Hydranautics held a bake sale on the morning of March 23. In the short space of one hour, many employees showed their goodwill and all of the proceeds from their fund-raising and a matching company donation were donated to the Red Cross Society.

Social contribution HY
Social contribution Xiamen

Nitto Denko Xiamen Co., Ltd (China)

Nitto Denko Xiamen Co., Ltd offered silent prayers for disaster victims in Japan and started a fund drive. In the office, a collection box was placed and a poster was put up on the wall. Not only employees but also visitors made donations.

Korea Nitto Optical Co., Ltd. (Korea)

On April 12, an executive officer himself visited the Red Cross Society and handed over a monetary donation collected in the company. A photograph of his visit appeared in a local newspaper the next day.

Social contribution Korea
Social contribution Thai2

Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

A lot of Japanese employees work for Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd. As such, employees were very worried about the large earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku area. They placed a collection box and made an appeal by way of an in-plant announcement during the lunch break. A sizable sum of money was collected from employees.

Proceeds from Bazaar Donated to Supporting Organization for the Disabled

Social contribution Taiwan

Items offered by employees for the bazaar

On 24 January 2011, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation held a bazaar, collecting used home electrical appliances, books, toys and clothes in their cafeteria under the CSR Propulsion Team's initiative. Proceeds of TWD 15,800 (approximately 45,000 yen), along with leftover items were donated to a supporting organization for the disabled, The Eden Social Welfare Foundation.

Kameyama Plant Participates in Child Sponsorship

The Kameyama Plant decided to participate in the activities of an international NGO, World Vision, and started “Child Sponsorship” on 1 September 2010. This means that the Kameyama Plant sponsors a child in a poor region and is able to follow his or her growth through exchanging letters.

At the Kameyama Plant, a portion of the price of beverages sold from vending machines and a store on the premises was collected, and the money raised was used to support a boy in the Republic of Uganda. In March 2011, notebooks and a card with messages from our employees were sent to him for his sixth birthday.

Fund-raising for Digging Wells

Through “Fund-raising for Digging Wells”, we support the freeing of children from the harsh and laborious task of drawing water from wells. Such children have to often travel dozens of kilometers every day and do not have enough time to attend school. In total 800,000 yen, more than last year, was raised this year by group companies in Japan between December 2010 and January 2011. All donations were given to the Japan Asian Association and Asian Friendship Society, which will contribute to the digging of three wells in India, Laos and Bangladesh.

As for the construction of four wells with last year's donations, three wells in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Nepal have been completed and the remaining one is under construction in Bangladesh. Residents with completed wells remarked with joy that they were able to obtain safe water near their homes.

Social contribution Wells

Making a donation in Nitto Denko head office

Social contribution Wells2

A completed well in Nepal

Hosting “Penny Wars” to Support Water For People

To celebrate “National Drinking Water Week” (3-7 May 2010) in the United States, Hydranautics kicked-off its 2nd annual workplace campaign in support of “Water For People”.

“Water For People” is a leading global not for profit organization, whose vision is to build a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation and where no one suffer or dies from a water or sanitation-related disease. Over 1.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation facilities.

During the campaign, the most popular activity was the “Penny War”, an activity where more than 100 employees formed 11 teams. In this competition, employees were encouraged to fill their own creatively-decorated team jars with as many coins as possible, while filling the other team's jars with paper bills. The money value in coins was counted as “positive points”, whilst the money value in paper bills was counted as “negative points.”
A total of $2,120.25 was raised during the Penny War and over 60,000 coins were collected! Overall, employees contributed a total of $3,307.87 to “Water For People”. This contribution was supplemented by a donation of $2,500 from Hydranautics. The total amount raised from the campaign was $5.807.87. These contributions will help “Water For People” provide clean water and sanitation education to approximately 138 people in developing countries.

Contributions raised by 11 teams


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