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Nitto’s Global CSR Efforts

As part of our partnership with the Nitto ATP Finals - the capstone event of the ATP Tour, which was held in Turin, Italy, Nov. 13th through 20th, 2022 - Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka; President, CEO & COO: Hideo Takasaki; “Nitto”, hereafter) invited children and their families from the city of Turin to watch the tennis matches at the Nitto ATP Finals, with the aim to support a brighter future for those children who are battling severe illness. Nitto also organized several internal fundraising events during the tournament, including the group employee donation and corporate charity booth launched at the event venue, to collect donations for the United Nations Children's Fund (“UNICEF,” hereafter) in cooperation with UNICEF regional offices in Japan, U.S. and Italy.
The Nitto will continue to enhance its corporate value with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) at the core of our management aiming to realize a sustainable environment and society. As part of our partnership with the Nitto ATP Finals, we engaged in the following CSR activities to contribute to a better society.

Invitations to the Nitto ATP Finals and Mascot Kids Opportunity Extended to Children through Childhood Cancer Support Group, U.G.I. ODV.

Continuing on from last year, Nitto cooperated with the childhood cancer support group U.G.I. (Unione Genitori Italiani) ODV based in Turin to invite children and their families to watch the Nitto ATP Finals.
We also provided the opportunity for the children to serve as Mascot Kids to escort players to the center court before the match. We were able to provide many children with precious and memorable experiences at this special event. We received positive comments and smiles, such as "I treasure my experience of being next to the world top athletes!" and "It was a true inspiration!"
 Mascot kids and a family invited to watch the matches

Left: Mascot kids / Right: Family invited to watch the matches

Donations to UNICEF Emergency Fund for Natural Disasters

Nitto ran a fundraising initiative during the ATP Finals partnership period to collect funds for UNICEF to provide immediate assistance to children affected by natural disasters such as unexpected earthquake, tsunami, flood, etc. With employee donations and the company’s gift matching program, Nitto was able to donate approximately 10,540 USD (1,380,000 JPY) to the cause through this internal event in Japan and the U.S.
In addition, Nitto was able to donate 231.35 EUR to UNICEF through the charity activity at a corporate booth launched in the park next to the Nitto ATP Finals venue. We would like to thank everyone for cooperation.

About the Nitto ATP Finals

The Nitto ATP Finals is the capstone event of the men’s professional tennis season, where the world’s best 8 singles players and best 8 doubles teams compete for the final championship titles of the season. Players compete for Pepperstone ATP Ranking to Turin points throughout the season in a bid to earn one of the eight coveted berths. Played using a round-robin format, each participant plays three matches as they compete for a berth in the knockout semi-finals and beyond. This tournament has a rich history as it was held in several of the world’s biggest cities, with the first edition held in Tokyo in 1970. From the year 2000, the ATP Finals has been held in Lisbon, Sidney, Shanghai and London, while 2021 marked its first year in Turin, Italy.

For more information, please visit the official Nitto ATP Finals website ( or Nitto’s dedicated ATP website (


UNICEF is an organization of the United Nations responsible for protecting the rights of children worldwide and promoting their healthy growth. Across more than 190 countries and territories, the organization cooperates with numerous partners to reach out to the most disadvantaged children. It works to build a better world for every child, everywhere. For more information, please visit UNICEF’s official website:

About U.G.I. ODV

U.G.I. (Unione Genitori Italiani) ODV is a charity in Turin, Italy founded by families of children affected by childhood cancer. It is an organization which supports childhood cancer treatment, improvement of patients’ quality of life, and provides necessary support after complete recovery. For more information, please visit U.G.I. ODV’s official website:

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