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Optically Clear Adhesive Tape LUCIACS® CS986 Series

Double-coated adhesive tape with superior transparency.Having an ultra-thin adhesive with strong adhesive strength, this transfer adhesive tape is clean and high in transparency.

It is suitable to be used for bonding optical film, cover glass, and cover plastic to flat panel displays, etc.
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  • Superior transparency.
  • Very little change in appearance even when exposed to light or in a hot and humid climate.
  • Suitable for bonding materials such as glass and polycarbonate to plastics.
  • Manufactured in a clean room.
  • Outgassing of plastics such as polycarbonate controls bubble formation and allows ink to follow uneven surfaces.


Tape thickness excludes thickness of release liner.


Adhesive Property

180° peeling strength

Product No. Peeling strength [Unit: N/20mm]
(For glass plate)
CS9862UA 14
CS9863UA 14
CS9864UA 15
CS9865UA 15
CS9861UAS 12
CS9862UAS 14
CS9863UAS 15
CS9864UAS 18
CS9865UAS 18
CS9866US 18
CS9867US 19
CS9868US 19
CS98610US 22

[Test Conditions]

  • Peeling angle: 180°
  • Tensile speed: 300mm/min


  • For bonding optical films to flat display surfaces.

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