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Athletic Tapes

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Athletic taping is widely used by a variety of athletes, from top professionals to recreational sports players, throughout training, practice and competition.
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Our athletic tape, NITREAT®, which was developed in collaboration with skilled therapists and practitioners, accommodates strenuous movements, helps athletes stay healthy and reach peak performance.

medical_004_img_NITREAT_EB medical_003_img_ashikubi
NITREAT® EB tape (knee taping) NITREAT® CB tape (ankle taping)
medical_004_img_shoulder medical_004_img_lower_back
Kinesiology tape (shoulder taping) Kinesiology tape (lower back taping)
medical_004_img_hizakantan_L medical_004_img_ashikubi_kantan
HIZA KANTAN (simple knee taping) ASHIKUBI KANTAN (simple ankle taping)

Athletic Tapes

These products have been designed specially for athletic taping applications and are the perfect choice for serious athletes. The products are available in different formats, cotton-based or elastic, and can be selected according to the desired fixation strength or the application area.

Kinesiology Tape

This product provides added support for muscle movement. When using the product, flex the muscles of the target area and then apply the tape along the muscles. This tape has been shown to be highly effective in injury prevention, injury recurrence prevention, pain reduction and rehabilitation.

KANTAN Taping Range

These pre-cut taping products can be applied easily by anyone, even around the joints. The products are very popular with those who are not confident in how to tape by themselves or who prefer not to use support sleeves which have a tendency  to slip down.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours (EST) 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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