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Re-peelable Strong Adhesive Double Sided Tape Using Thick Unwoven Fabric No.5000ND

Product catch-phrase This thick, double sided tape offers remarkable adhesive strength for a wide-range of substrates. It is reusable, and can even stick well to rough surfaces.



  • 5000ND offers excellent adhesion during light crimping, and rough surfaces.
  • It can be used under a wide range of operating temperatures for various applications, with remarkable part fixing performance.
  • Extra-strong, nonwoven fabric gives the tape remarkable tensile strength, with very little residue when reworked, and it does not tear easily.
  • Does not contain RoHS directive 6 restricted substances.


*excluding release liner



SubstratePeelabilityAdhesive residue
Stainless sheet
Aluminum sheet
PCABS sheet
ABS sheet

Peel property determination

  • ○ : Peels without tearing
  • × : Tears when peeled

[Peel property test method]

  • Lining material: 5mm / 197mil thick foam
  • Tape width: 3mm / 0.12 inch
  • Curing conditions: 60℃/ 140°F - 90% RHx15 days
  • Tension speed: 300mm/min
  • Peeling angle: 90°

Adhesive residue determination

  • ○ : No adhesive residue
  • × : Lots of adhesive residue

[Adhesive residue test method]

  • Lining material: PET#25
  • Tape width: 20mm/ 0.80 inch
  • Curing conditions: 60℃/90% RHx15 days
  • Tension speed: 300mm/min
  • Peeling angle: 180°

180° peeling strength - By substrate


Stainless sheet17.0 N/20mm / 77 oz/in
Aluminum sheet17.0 N/20mm / 77 oz/in
Polypropylene sheet14.5 N/20mm / 66 oz/in
ABS sheet15.5 N/20mm / 70 oz/in
Acrylic sheet16.0 N/20mm / 73 oz/in
PCABS sheet15.5 N/20mm / 70 oz/in
Polystyrene sheet16.0 N/20mm / 73 oz/in
Polycarbonate sheet17.0 N/20mm / 77 oz/in
PET sheet17.0 N/20mm / 77 oz/in
Glass17.0 N/20mm / 77 oz/in
HIPS sheet17.0 N/20mm / 77 oz/in
Foam (ester)15.0 N/20mm / 69 oz/in
Foam (ether)10.0 N/20mm / 46 oz/in
  • Specimen: 20mm width
  • Lining material: PET#25
  • Crimping method: reciprocating 2kg roller 1 cycle
  • Crimping temp: 23℃/ 73°F - 50%RH
  • Curing conditions: 23℃ / 73°F - 50%RH×30min
  • Tension speed: 300mm/min
  • Pulling angle: 180°
  • Measurement temp: 23℃/ 73°F -50%RH


  • For general adhesion to metal sheets, plastic sheets, urethane foam bodies, etc.
  • For adhesion to office automation equipment, such as printers and copy machines, as well as urethane cushioning or sealing materials used in household appliances such as TVs and air conditioners.


[Usage Precautions]

  • Make sure to remove any oils, moisture, dust, etc. from the substrate.
  • As this is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, make sure to thoroughly use a roller or press for crimping. If crimping is not performed throughly enough, its properties and external view may be negatively affected.
  • Clean adhesion may not occur if a surface is highly irregular or warped. Smooth it out as much as possible.
  • It takes a little time for the tape's original adhesive strength to take full effect, so avoid placing or using the tape in a situation in which a lot of strength is needed until at least several hours have passed from the time of attachment.

[Storage Precautions]

  • Make sure to store this product in a box.
  • Avoid storing in high-temperature or high-moisture areas. This product should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight (at a temperature of no more than 25℃/77°F).
  • Please use this tape within 6 months after delivery.

[Safety Precautions]

  • Take a careful consideration if this product is adapted to the use, purpose and condition before using. The tape may peel in some cases depending on substrate and attachment conditions.
  • When using this product in areas that may pose a risk of accident, use together with a different joining method.

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