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Anti-skid Tape for Slide Prevention (for Outdoor) AS-127 (for Uneven Surfaces)

Aluminum-foil substrate nonskid tape for lumpy surfaces.

Apply to irregular surfaces outdoor. The base material is made of aluminum-foil to match various contours. Excellent durability for long-lasting nonskid effect.
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Adhesive strength (stainless steel board) Tensile strength
18.0 N/20mm / 82 oz/in 150 N/20mm / 685 oz/in


Thickness Width [mm] x Length [m] Qty [rolls] Color
1.0 mm / 39 mil 50×5 12 Green, Black, Yellow, White, Blue, Brown
100×5 6
150×5 6
400×5 2
  • *Please contact our sales representative for other sizes.


For staircases, slopes and other slippery areas in factories and stations.



Flatten the surface and remove any water, oil, or dust. For heavy traffic areas, use a primer in combination.


Use markers for broad areas and plan out how much tape is needed.


Position the tape, slowly peel the separator (release paper), and apply pressure with a roller or rubber hammer.

(Scissors are not recommended. Use a craft knife on the adhesive side and crack it apart.)


  • Use chloroprene-rubber primer for cement surfaces.
  • Trim the corners of tape to prevent peeling.

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