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Press Release 2021


Introducing ZeLo™ – A New Brand of Multi-Surface Pet Hair Rollers by Nitto

TEANECK, New Jersey– Nitto, Inc. (a US Subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation) today announced the launch of ZeLo, a new brand of multi-surface pet hair rollers.

Pet hair is a problem that will always plague animal lovers, but ZeLo brand lint rollers offer pet parents a new way to keep homes cleaner and healthier. The products are specially designed to remove pet hair and dander and have been tested extensively.

Nitto, the company behind ZeLo brand rollers, is the maker of the best-selling lint roller in Japan. And they have now used that same technology to make a stylish new roller for the United States.
ZeLo brand lint rollers come in two sizes: a long-handled version for floors, and a short-handled version for furniture. Using a roller on the floor might seem like a new idea, but it is a popular cleaning method in Japan because it does not require electricity and is more ergonomic for users. The long-handled design also allows for easy use in those hard-to-clean areas such as under the sofa or on stairs.
Any pet parent knows that their pet goes everywhere and gets into everything. That is why ZeLo brand lint rollers are also designed to be used on a large variety of surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, tile and more. So, pet parents can clean in just as many places as their furry friend can go!

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