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Press Release 2018


2017 Top 100 Global Innovators Award

Nitto Selected as Top 100 Global IP/Patents-Related Innovators for Seven Years in a Row

Nitto Denko Corporation (HQ: Osaka; President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter Nitto) has recently been awarded as a “2017 Top 100 Global Innovator” which is presented to the 100 most innovative companies/research institutions in the world by Clarivate Analytics (HQ: Philadelphia, USA; Japan office: Tokyo) for seven consecutive years, with the trophy presentation on January 23.

The “Top 100 Global Innovators” are selected as the top hundred companies/organizations in the world who conduct superior R&D activities or intellectual asset management from four evaluation criteria (number of patents, success rate, global performance, and influence of the patent) by analyzing the intellectual assets/patent trends based on the unique patent-related data retained by Clarivate Analytics. Having started in 2011, this will be the seventh time this year. 37 corporations/organizations have been selected for this award for seven consecutive years, of which 14 corporations/organizations – including Nitto – are from Japan.
We were selected based on our high evaluation in terms of “influence of the patent” which shows how widely it is cited by other companies/organizations out of the above four evaluation criteria. We believe we have earned this award by using intellectual property rights to appropriately protect and effectively commercialize our inventive ideas, and striving to maximize the value of the idea through company-wide efforts.
Senior Executive Corporate Vice President Toshiyuki Umehara, a member of the board, commented, “We are delighted to have received such an honorable award for seven consecutive years. This year’s award is the result of the fusion between our business strategy and our intellectual property strategy. We will continue to enhance the value of our intellectual property, practice “Innovation for Customers”, and strive to maximize corporate value.”
Nitto Selected as Top 100 Global IP/Patents-Related Innovators for Seven Years in a Row
Awards ceremony
Left: Hirofumi Hino, Representative Director for Japan, Clarivate Analytics
Right: Toshiyuki Umehara, Board Member, Senior Executive Vice President & CTO
Nitto will contribute to society’s happiness, health and comfort by continuing to enhance the value of our intellectual property and practicing “Innovation for Customers.”

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